Our Services

Prices may very depending on size of dog and coat condition.

Small size dogs (under 25lbs)...$53

Medium size dogs (approx. 30 to 65lbs)...$63

Large size dogs (approx. 65 to 80lbs)...$73

Extra large size dogs (above 80lbs)...$83 plus

Full Service Grooming

(includes bath, brush out, nail trimming, ear cleaning and trim)

Basic Bath 

(includes bath, brush out, nail trimming, ear cleaning) 

Small dogs...$25 to $35

Medium dogs...$40 to $50

Large dogs... $50 to $60

Extra large dogs...$60 plus

***Some exceptions apply***

Spa Extras (dogs only)

Nail grinding add $5

Tooth brushing add $5

Skin and coat conditioner add $5

**Add all 3 for $12**

Stand Alone Services

Nail trimming...$10

Nail grinding...$15

Tooth brushing...$10

Tidy up (trim around eyes, sanitary area, feet and nail trim)...$20